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Whatever your goals or ambitions may be, one-to-one coaching can provide invaluable support in achieving them. As a Chartered Coaching Psychologist, Rachel brings a wealth of expertise in a diverse range of coaching methodologies tailored to meet your unique needs. Depending on your specific requirements, coaching sessions can focus on:

  • Coaching for Performance

  • Building Confidence

  • Developing Resilience

  • Overcoming Psychological Barriers to Success

  • Enhancing Assertion & Communication Skills

  • Stress Management Techniques

  • Promoting Wellbeing & Achieving Work-Life Balance

With Rachel's guidance, you can navigate challenges, harness your strengths, and unlock your full potential, ensuring a path towards personal and professional fulfilment.

Selection & Assessment

​At Metrics, we understand the critical importance of hiring the right people for your organisation's success. We collaborate with you to ensure that you attract and recruit top talent.

Our services include:​

  • Job Analysis

  • Capability Framework Design

  • Customised Interview and Assessment Centre Design

  • Psychometric Testing

  • Management of Assessment Centres

  • Provision of Trained Assessors

  • Interviewer and Assessor Training for Internal Staff

With our expertise and tailored approach, we assist you in building high-performing teams by identifying and selecting the best-fit candidates for your organisation.

Leadership Development  

Exceptional leadership is paramount for organisational success. At Metrics, we provide a comprehensive suite of services designed to cultivate leaders at every level who possess the ability to inspire, engage, and optimise the potential and performance of their teams.

Our services include:

  • Executive Coaching

  • Talent Management & Succession Planning: Strategically identifying and nurturing talent to ensure continuity and effectiveness in leadership roles.

  • Leadership Development Programmes: Engaging and immersive programmes designed to enhance leadership capabilities.

  • Graduate Development Programmes: Tailored initiatives for emerging talent, preparing them for future leadership roles within the organisation.

With our tailored approach and commitment to excellence, we equip leaders with the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to navigate today's complex business landscape and drive sustainable success.

Career Development Planning

Navigating a successful career path requires strategic planning and targeted support. At Metrics, we help you achieve your professional goals and aspirations.

Our services include:

  • Personalised Career Assessments: Utilising psychometrics and methodologies to assess strengths, interests, and aspirations, you will gain valuable insights to support your development.

  • Customised Career Development Plans: We work closely with you to help develop tailored career development plans that outline clear objectives, milestones, and actionable steps to progress towards your goals.

  • Career Coaching: helping you to navigate challenges, capitalise on opportunities, and achieve your career ambitions.

With our holistic approach and personalised support, we empower you to take control of your career development journey, overcome barriers to success and unlock your potential.

For more information about our services contact Rachel Green for an informal chat on 07521 945440
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